Gallery & Past Events

See how much fun a Milea GotCha Covered Event can be!

Each of the events listed was hosted by Milea GotCha Covered Events. We had a hand in planning and executing each event, idea, and decor. We also helped the individuals create themes, plan budgets and stick to them, and made individuals dream event come true. For non profits we helped them raise funds for their organizations.

Paris in ChiTown Birthday Party

2017 Trunk Party

Benefit for Project Osmosis in Partnership with UIC hosted by Milea GotCha Covered Events

This benefit is fundraiser to raise funds for Project Osmosis

a non profit organization that teaches all different facets of design to children

Graphic, Interior, Multi-Media, Fashion, Architecture, & Urban Design



Silent Auction items

Other Event Photos


wpid-img_50133571800246.jpeg wpid-img_50160081978786.jpeg wpid-img_50147246269952.jpeg
wpid-img_50138235435220.jpeg wpid-img_50155750741185.jpeg
wpid-img_50150906425605.jpeg wpid-img_50165034641688.jpeg


Smith-Tessier Wedding

photo 2 wpid-img_111331460847233.jpeg wpid-att_1406080180181_photo-4.jpg.jpeg wpid-photo-3.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_111313193275131.jpeg wpid-img_111355563090477.jpegwpid-img_111345590314650.jpeg wpid-img_111350962998916.jpeg

Holmes Wedding

1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0114 1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0090 1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0112-2 1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0174 1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0177 1108_WEDDING_NIGHT_0124 wpid-img_42305144967106.jpeg


4 year old Chucky Cheese Party

100_0665 wpid-img_31172225641267.jpeg 100_0677


5 year old Frozen Party

wpid-img_1934.jpg wpid-img_1933.jpg wpid-img_1918.jpg wpid-20141220_215239.jpg wpid-20141220_215259.jpg wpid-20141220_215308.jpg wpid-20141220_215323.jpg wpid-20141220_215331.jpg

Candy Table at 5 year old party


Non-Profit Benefits

1934040_1076289596876_5124339_n wpid-img_42167676387845.jpeg 1935947_1123807264788_2395103_n 1935947_1123808904829_7111495_n

59063_485033386616_7168020_n 46821_431911374473_1032031_n 47555_431911469473_1289323_n58907_485033571616_1220227_n 59426_485033471616_4624970_n 59426_485033466616_3333234_n

299489_10151203263199474_891292934_n 69499_3712557461925_7036666_n wpid-img_50318973997690.jpeg

486363_3712562022039_1518650063_n 21472_3712575742382_1543504674_n36609_3712574662355_117372839_n 416957_3712580982513_642551561_n 47374_3712587782683_315786422_n 387967_3712574342347_1658836619_n wpid-img_50382681612515.jpeg

Award Ceremony for Project Osmosis Design Competition Winners

Hosted at the Hyde Park Arts Center in Chicago

wpid-20140510_131017.jpg wpid-20140510_130920.jpgwpid-img_50216498795504.jpeg

wpid-img_50251160629776.jpeg wpid-img_50256837754756.jpeg wpid-img_50280842424370.jpeg

wpid-img_50200044072479.jpeg wpid-img_50234271266126.jpeg wpid-img_50242506669758.jpeg


1109_Memorial_Day_0016 Water Melon Bowl Bday 32 Food Display wpid-img_42142805336421.jpeg Petit Four Corner

wpid-img_42097066896018.jpeg wpid-img_42103968620418-1-1.jpg Wine Glass Table: Pick your favorite glass/Choose your favorite libation!


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