2016 Summer Party Trends

Summer is in full effect. That means Summertime parties are in full effect too.

We did some digging to find out what are the hot🔥party trends of 2016.  I must say couple of these are my faves!!! I bet you can’t guess which ones. Looking for a good summer time fun, let us put together a great party 🎉🎊 for you using these fun trends.

Chic Foils

High shine and metallic accents aren’t just for the fashion world; they offer such an effortless way to add a touch of glamour to your summer occasion. Opt for partyware in neutral shades with foil detailing such as script, scalloping, chevrons and classic polka dots.
A flourish of foil lends itself perfect for a light airy venue such as a marquee or conservatory. Used modestly it can reflect natural light and help brighten your party space.



Tropical Refresh

2016 is undoubtedly the year of the flamingo and we’re all for it. Its laid-back tropical vibe makes an ideal starting point for the rest of your summer party theme. Taking your party to the tropics is no-longer about Hawaiian prints and palm tree silhouettes… give it a much needed upgrade with citrus hues and heaps of botanical foliage.



Beautiful Blooms

For us, ditsy florals will always be a winner for summer occasions. Teamed with vintage crockery and a classic high-tea setting they make the perfect partnership. Smaller, dense prints are ideal for spring and summer weddings or children’s tea parties, while larger blooms in a brighter color palette lend themselves perfectly for garden parties.



Vintage Glassware

Long gone are the days of attempting to serve party drinks in awkward plastic jugs with ill-fitting lids. In their place stand a much more chic option – the glass cocktail dispenser. They’re so easy to use with a classic Kilner-style lid and metal tap, and can even become part of your decoration when filled with a concoction of fruits, herbs or edible flowers!


Which one’s are your favorite?


(Information taken from Original post: 28th April 2016 by )


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