New Treatments Before the Wedding

You’re big day is fastly approaching and you’d like do something that will not  only be relaxing but beneficial to the body as well. That’s exactly what you should be doing. Spa treatments not only calm the mind (which takes care of that ever racing mind), they help treat the body (which takes care of our important appearance for the big day). However you don’t want to do these things to close to the big day, and you definitely don’t want to try anything new.
    The ideal time to receive any treatment other than having your nails done is two before your big day. Why is that, beacause if you do have a reaction (God forbid) you need time to heal or time for the issue to be corrected. You should not new treatments within one month prior to your special day. If you have received a treatment several times before and there’s little risk two weeks is a good time.
    Treatments thats should be avoided two weeks prior to your Weding are facials, deep extractions, chemical peels, microderm abrasion, deep tissue massage, waxing (head to toe), body wraps, laser hair removal, heavy spray tan (or new color spray tan), new hair color, eyelash  extensions of any kind (if you’ve never had them before), and make up that you’ve never worn before.
    The best recourse if you have a reaction is to immediately remove what is causing the issue. Topical Benadryl can take care of reactions that aren’t very serious, but oral Benadryl is good for a little more serious reaction. If the problem persist you should definitely see your doctor.
After all you want your Wedding to be remembered as something magical not a disaster. Take care of your body!


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