2014 Holiday Trends

We did some investigating to find out what are the hottest trends for the 2014 Holiday season and we touch on some classics as well.

What’s your Holiday style? Is it simple? Is it classic or classy? Or is your style just a hodgepodge of everything you like. Mine tends to be the latter. Especially around Christmas because I like a little bit everything. I also tend to like things that are very different from what my mom had us do growing up. For example I’ve always wanted to do a color theme for Christmas. My mom was never into that. She just liked the things that she liked and didn’t like to venture out very much. I on the other hand was a little different while I really like our traditional stuff I always wanted to try something a little different. So last year I finally did it. Nothing as far as getting a white tree, in our house that is blasphemy! We always do real trees. But I did finally get to do a color theme. Our theme was silver and blue and it turned out magnificent. We really did it up. And I enjoyed it so much. Not sure if I will be doing that again this year, but it’s nice to know that I have my own and I can do it if I want. My husband and son weren’t crazy about it but they did think it was really nice looking.

With that being said, have you thought about what you’d like your holiday gatherings to look like and if you’d like a theme? Well help jump start your thought process I’m listing what’s hot in trend this year for  the holidays.

One of the most popular trends in any party right now is Bourbon. Bourbon bars and Bourbon tasting. It’s nice alternative to wine and little more masculine for the guys, not that the ladies can’t enjoy a nice Bourbon also. It’s good pair with cigars and cigar tasting. It also works well in weddings. Something for him and something for her. You could have signature fruity drinks as well as a Bourbon bar. Either of these could also be paired with certain desserts.

One of classics is also a color theme. Just pick which color you’d like to have be the star of the show and pick your decor accordingly. It’s so easy do these days with stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. You get all that gorgeousness with out huge expense, which is our motto.

Another “BIG” trend this Holiday is the completely untraditional party. Thinking outside the box, picking storybook themes, carnival themes, and even rock-n-roll Christmas themes. It’s no holds bared! The more ellaborate and crazy the idea the better.

Another Awesome trend this holiday season is the “Winter Wonderland”! They aren’t just for weddings anymore. Your holiday party can be a super ellaborate Winter theme with frosty, or frozen fruity drinks that match your decor. You could even have it snow in doors, have a bar made out ice, and have sparkle dinging from every corner. Make sure your event planner has a great bar tender that can create that special drink that not only taste good but actuates your awesome winter theme. The Winter Wonderland can be your corporate holiday party, your christmas day celebration, or your Ring in the new year bash!

Here are some other trendy 2014 Christmas themes from Christmas.com

Shimmer and shinehttps://i2.wp.com/www.christmas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Shimmer_crop.jpg

One of the 2014 home decor trends involve the inclusion of metallic accessories in your room designs. Including lots of gold and silver in your holiday decorations is going to be a popular trend. Think large scale items such as over-sized gold bows and ribbons on the tree, not just tiny shiny holiday ornaments. This is a great time to add some vintage gold-framed mirrors to a room. Mirrors can be hung on the wall or placed on a table as the base for a holiday display.

Frost-Colored Christmas BulbsTranquil Christmas themes

A white tree with turquoise, pale blue, light green or any other pastel color decorations is a trendy way to add tranquility to your home during the holiday season. To successfully achieve serenity, you’ll need to be conservative in the amount of decorations you put in a room. Less is best when creating a serene atmosphere.

Christmas still lifeExciting and Bold

This is the year to let your creativity be displayed through your Christmas decorating ideas. Purple, bright pink, rich turquoise, brilliant red and emerald green are ideal colors to base your 2014 Christmas decorations on. Gold, silver and various other deep, rich colors with a metallic finish combine beautifully with dark shades of purple and turquoise.


Christams heart on old wooden backgroundVintage Re-purposed Decorations

Vintage decorative accessories have made their way into modern and contemporary decors. The same can be done with holiday decorations. Vintage ornaments can attractively be incorporated into an modern home decor. Re-purposing items from the past is among the most popular 2014 holiday decorating themes.


Christmas Table SettingTextures

Home decor trends for 2014 involve the use of textures to create visual interest in a room. For the holidays, you can apply that trend by using faux fur in your holiday to create some beautiful Christmas displays. The use of natural elements such as sisal and burlap blend well with woodland holiday decor themes which are very popular.
Hosting Charitable events for the Holidays is also a nice. Everyone brings items to donate to the type of charity of your choice. Ex: Toy’s for Tots for Chicago Food Depository. Not only does everyone get to have fun but they help out those less fortunate.

Spicenews.com list these 5 things as top Holiday party trends for this year:

1. Japan

Whether it’s installing a sake bar, serving Choya plum wine spritzers, having performers dressed in anime cosplay or having chefs slice fresh sashimi for your guests straight off the fish, one of the hottest holiday party trends this year is Japanese everything. From beautiful ikebana arrangements, izakaya style hot food stations, Japanese beers and J-Pop music, the quirkiness of Japanese culture lends itself to everything from zen elegance right through to whiskey-fuelled karaoke.

2. Wabi sabi

A concept that encourages people to find beauty in imperfection and to accept nature’s cycles. Think earthenware pottery, asymmetrical arrangements of branches and weeds, rough-hewn timber, rusty metal, peeling paint, broken tiles and moss. The palette of this style is earth tones and neutrals and the catering interpretation is simple, healthy, organic food served on share plates where guests help themselves.

3. Black and white

From invitations right through to decorations, the chicest parties this year will eschew colour and stick strictly to black and white.

4. Fairy lights galore

Hang them in swathes from trees, run them along the tables centres, have them raining from the ceiling; do whatever you like with them but be sure to go completely overboard with them. Just make sure they’re the simple, warm light toned variety.

5. Sparkly

Think lamé, glitter and sequins in gold and silver. Fill balloons with sequins and pop them at midnight, add silver baubles to chocolate-dipped cherries, create photo booths that are decked out in lengths of gold foil and dress the staff in figure hugging gold lame cocktail dresses. Use gold rimmed crockery and glassware, add gold leaf to desserts and rim glasses in edible glitter.

Whatever your holiday party trend or theme is we hope we’ve given you some great ideas to have a ball with. And ofcourse if this is jut to overwhelming for you contact us and we’ll put together an Awesome Holiday gathering with your great ideas.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!!!


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