The Do It Yourselfer!

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I am a huge do it yourselfer! I love the challenge of taking on a project, and I don’t just like to do it, I like to do it right and see it through to fruition! This can be terribly frustrating. Gathering everything you need in preparation, getting things in the exact order, making sure everything is just so, looking for perfection in every little detail, going over what you’ve done and then going back over it just to be sure….Oh my goodness it’s exhausting just thinking about it. It’s not all bad though, the upsides are that great feeling you get once its over of a job well done, seeing something you’ve created be so beautiful, the admiration you get from others,and perhaps even learning how to do something new, these are all the good parts! I’m all for doing it yourself but if it gets to the point that it’s consuming you then it may be time to let that project go!

Case in point, its your wedding and you have the perfect idea for flowers, party favors, or some great decorating idea, etc. Great this can be an awesome, so before you get cracking to save you some heartache and frustration, DO YOUR RESEARCH! What do I mean by doing your research: First, find out the cost difference between doing it yourself or having a professional do it. The cost can be huge or it can be minimal. If the cost difference is minimal then it may be worth it just to pay that rather than get yourself all worked up. This is your special day and it should be as easy on you as possible. The less stresses and projects that you have to take on personally the better. Its good also if you could find ways to cut corners and cost that don’t ruin the project. Finding little things that work can often save you money and time sometimes. I love when you find less expensive materials that are just as durable.

But what if the cost difference is huge or this is something that you really want to do!? Then its all about having the proper tools, and sometimes the proper tools can be the right amount of help. If you know that people you are counting on are not that reliable then you know you may need extra time to do it in case you are left holding the bag, and while we all want to believe that just can’t happen to us, it better to be safe than sorry. Another key factor in doing a project yourself is making sure you have the right amount of things you need in order to create your masterpiece. It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra, but it can be a great hindrance to not have the amount you need. It’s also really important to know the scale of the project you are taking on. If this project is a ten person project and you are trying to get it done with only two people, good luck! Another good tip is before you do decide to do a DoItYourself project on a grand scale, it may be a good idea to try a small project first. See how that goes, see how comfortable you feel doing it. Realize what parts you were good at and what parts you lacked. The most important part is knowing your limitations physically and emotionally. Once again if this something truly special to you, then emotional attachment can cause just as many problems if you aren’t prepared.

These kind of tips can go for any do it yourself project. Redecorating or redesigning your home, creating something for a special day such as a wedding or a children’s party, reorganizing a space or office, many things can fall under this category. I’m not trying to discourage for trying a do it yourself, I just want you to know what you are getting yourself into. With that being please try something new, you might like it!! You can see how one of my DoItYourself projects turned out. In the picture above I made my own Petit Fours for a birthday party!! They were soooooo yummy and quite pretty if I do say so myself. I big hit at the party!!! Good luck Do It Yourselfers may your projects turn out better than you hoped for!!! Post some photos of projects you’ve tried good or bad, share with us!

This advice is especially pertinent when you are planning and executing an event yourself. The hardest ones are usually weddings and baby showers. This is usually because you do not have enough help and your very emotionally invested. I hope you are able to heed this advice and get good friends to help or even better higher a great event planner. Enjoy your event!


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