Choosing the right Event Planner

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So you’ve got this grand idea for an event that you’d like to have and you are unsure of where to start. Well you’ve already got an idea but you just need some help with how to develop it. You have a light bulb moment! I need an Event Planner. So now what to do where do you start? You start putting the idea out there: you search the internet, you take suggestions from friends, you read all the right magazines and articles, and finally you set an appointment to meet with a planner. You’re super-duper excited and then you have your first meeting. You talk, you tell all your ideas, you are bubbling over with the excitement of how your big day can turn out. The planner acts all interested, acts as excited as you, tells you they’ve got all these different ideas they gonna take everything that you’ve told them and come up with some great ideas. So you adjourn and set a date to meet for another day.

So its meeting number two the event planner comes in with all these different ideas, none of which you particularly like or are drawn to. You just don’t get that good feeling that looking for from this individual, it may even be a little unsettling. Well your brain starts going, everyone tells you they’re the best, you’ve seen beautiful work they’ve done for others, they have great recommendations, so why aren’t you happy!? Well you have a gut feeling and something is telling that this just isn’t the right person to plan your wonderful event. GO WITH THAT FEELING.

Regardless of what others tell, what you read or anything else, your tells you this isn’t what you were bargaining for. You my dear friend are under no obligation before you sign a contract to go with this individual. Don’t let them pressure you. It’s okay to say “I’m not impressed”. Ask to see something else. Ask them to go back to the drawing board and try again and then reconvene at another day and time. If that planner doesn’t like that idea then they DEFINITELY aren’t the one for you. A planner that cares about you as a client and cares truly for your feelings will be happy to go back and gather some new ideas to bring to you. Then you’re at least you’re off to a better start. And if after that next time the planner still isn’t giving you what you’re looking for then it’s probably a good idea to move on. That may not mean that they aren’t as good as others say they are, or that you’re indecisive, it means you two aren’t meant for each other for this event. And that really is okay. Let them know that you just didn’t think that you two have that good chemistry. If they’re an excellent planner they may even recommend someone else to you.

Don’t feel pressured or intimidated to go with someone who you just didn’t have a good feeling about. Move on to the next one. It can be a tedious process just finding the right one before you even get to the tediousness of the actual event. You want your event to be the best it can possibly be, you want to get the most serene feeling from that person as possible. They’re job is to put your mind at ease, if they can’t do that, then please feel free to go with someone else. Don’t let someone pressure you into a contract that can ultimately cause you more stress and problems. Move on before that contract! In the end it will all be worth it. Take it from an event planner who really cares that you get the best experience possible.


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