wpid-photo-3.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_42305144967106.jpeghttps://i2.wp.com/rosebakes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Black-Hot-Pink-Wedding-Cake-Cupcake-Tower-with-Monogram-590x927.jpg

One of the biggest decisions in planning a wedding is the dessert. Often we are faced with two decisions. Whether to choose good over pretty and whether to choose what you like over what you think the crowd wants. Well why can’t you have it all!
If you’re not a good decision maker or are overwhelmed this should be easy decision can become pretty complicated. Here’s some good tips how not to let it get so complicated and be little less stressful.
The first thing you need to do is narrow down what like and what your future mate likes. If you’re not sure the best way to narrow your options is by setting up tastings. If you’re not good at making plans let your event planner set them up for you. A good event planner will be able to set up the best tastings by finding out what you and your fiance really likes.
You can go with part of wedding party, like the maid/matron of honor & best man, just you and your hubby, or you can do it with just you and your event planner. The key is to not have to many people there to sway your opinion and take away from the actual goal. They say to many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth, and this case that’s really true.

Now everyone isn’t a cake person, take my son for instance, he is definitely more of a cookie person. (I know what you’re saying who doesn’t like cake, but I promise, there are some that just prefer other things. There’s nothing wrong with non-cake people…..LOL!) So if my son ever gets married and his wife is cake person they may have two types of desserts. It’s not uncommon these days to have bride cake and a groom desert. I would recommend that they have the cake his wife loves and have cookie tower in the same shape of the wedding cake made with little cookie cups. Not only this fun but it gives an alternative to the traditional. So with that being said your wedding dessert doesn’t have to come from the best bakery, it should come from whoever makes your favorite, even if it’s your local grocery store. Or it could be from even favorite family member, just make sure it’s not a project that they can’t handle or is on to large of scale. These days there are so many alternatives: candy, pies, cupcakes, etc anything that you can make a grand spectacle out of. These can easily be turned into a grand table desert for your day.

Now let’s get down to what you need to do the days you go for your tasting. Like I stated before you definitely need to take the proper tasting companion. Once you’ve got that make sure you all have something to take notes with. Keep a little notebook of the ones you really like. I would say go with a first, second, and third choice. Make sure you have the name, address, telephone number, and name of the person who assisted you at your tasting destination. Once you have that make sure you write down the name of the desserts that you’ve chosen as 1,2, & 3. If what you tasted is can be altered a little, write that down too and make sure you set another tasting date to try the alteration to make sure its something you really like. Once you’ve found what you like, sit down and discuss it with you mate to make sure they agree. Go over your price point. Make sure what you like is in budget or if its something extra then you can budget for it. This can be where your event planner really comes into play. Event planners often have developed relationships with different desert makers and can often get you a special price.

Last but not least let this be fun. Don’t let this experience overwhelm you. This is your day and even though you’d like to please everyone, that just isn’t possible. Make sure you please the most important people, you and your hubby or wife to be. Let this experience be enjoyable, because after all there will be other things that you may have to get into an uproar about. Now go enjoy some sweet decadence!!!!


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