Milea GotCha Covered is a multifaceted company that specializes in Event Planning, Interior Design, Professional Organizing, & Personal Shopping/Concierge

Our specialty is Extravagance without the Excess Expense!

We are a professional event planning company that uses our experience, expertise, & love of the craft to execute beautiful events from start to finish. We coordinate all types of events from small, intimate gatherings, to larger more elegant affairs, to Corporate events. We take care of all of your event planning needs from decor, venue selection, staffing, or simply hosting and much much more.

Our Vision
With a kind heart, a keen eye, professional decorum, and strong attention to detail; we will create an Event that exceeds your expectations. We will Create spaces that welcome you and warm your spirit. With organization we will focus on creating the neatest spaces, with shopping we promise to think outside of the box & surprise you, we will point you in the right direction! Our vision for you is Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, & Serenity!

Our Mission
With an item, a place, an event or a space, order and organization our mission is to bring your vision to reality in the most wonderful way possible. We are committed to relieving you of your stress, while we do all the hard work. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations. No matter the need, No matter the reason We GotCha Covered!



  1. Hi I saw your ad on Groupon. I am interested in sitting down with you for a consultation. I am expecting and trying to plan my baby shower and it is so overwhelming. I really dont know where to start …I have the idea … Im having a baby girl due date is Sept. 10 so im looking to have the shower in August. How much would your services be.


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